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Forgotten women in science

As a part of Norwich Science Festival, scientist Emma Markham gave a talk with the aim of recognising the contributions of female scientists whose accomplishments have been buried in history, which, at least in part, has been caused by the creation of Wikipedia pages. Wikipedia is one of the quickest ways to get information about…


Women in Science panel

The second week of Norwich Science Festival saw an all-woman panel take to the stage to discuss their personal journeys into STEMM careers. Guests Angela Saini, Chelsea Slater, Dr Ozak Esu and Dr Suze Kundu joined Laura Bowater, Professor of Microbiology of UEA, each giving a brief account of their experience in the STEMM world,…


Review: Transplanting the Untransplantable

Surgeon Dr Pankaj Chandak works in a pioneering field of medicine – 3D printing for paediatric surgery. This is a technique which allows surgeons to use models of organs to visualise how they could fit into recipients’ bodies, and is especially effective in complex paediatric cases. In his talk, Dr Chandak began by giving a…


UEA teams with AutoNaut to create Antarctic research vessel

A team of researchers at UEA have helped design a robotic boat which will collect vital information about the causes of rising sea levels in extremely cold environments. Working with engineers at AutoNaut Ltd, the UEA-based scientists wanted to create a boat that could withstand the Antarctic climate, and wouldn’t face problems such as getting…


Review: Did Victorians ruin the world?

The question of whether or not the Victorians ruined the world is one that I suspect many people have asked themselves over the years. Using this question as the title of their radio show, sister double act Helen and Kat Arney migrated to the stage for the Norwich Science Festival. With the help of special…

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