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Oxford SU boycotts satisfaction survey

The student council at Oxford University voted to boycott the National Student Survey (NSS). A two thirds majority was required for the boycott, which gained 75 percent of the vote. There were 59 votes for the motion and 20 against. Oxford SU campaigned last year to boycott, after the National Union of Students (NUS) encouraged…


Students should question NSS cake incentive

The university’s initiative to encourage participation in the NSS survey with free cakes will most likely lead to a greater student turnout, but should be questioned and ultimately refused by us. The government plan to use the results of the National Student Survey as part of its Teaching Excellence Framework, which will give rank universities…


UEA to offer cake for filling in NSS

UEA will encourage students to participate in the National Student Survey in the square on the 25th of April from 11am-2pm. Upon survey completion, students will receive a free cupcake. Megan, a second year PPL students said of the initiative: “It’s really important for the university to get feedback from students, and the more people…

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