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NUS accuses Bouattia of anti-semitism

Student leaders, including three NUS vice presidents, have signed an open letter criticising the union for  “anti-Semitic rhetoric.” Signatories also said the union needs to do more to “address its attitude towards Jewish students.” 44 student leaders signed the letter, which claims that “Jewish students have not felt safe participating in our national movement.” The…


Union hypocrisy over NUS Coca Cola boycott

The Union of UEA Students has opened itself up to accusations of hypocrisy by placing tables and umbrellas displaying Coca Cola branding and imagery outside Unio coffee shop. Last summer, four Union officers refused to accept an award from the NUS, as the Gala event was partially sponsored by Coca Cola. Jo Swo, Yinbo Yu,…


The widening divide between NUS and membership

At the panel launch Malia Bouattia declined to discuss the allegations of anti- Semitism and accusations of being an ISIS sympathiser that met her election and also refused to comment on the widening gulf between how the NUS perceives itself and how it is viewed by its members. The NUS has been attempting to tackle…


Government blunders over 71,000 expired student visas

The government has admitted Home Office staff have lost track of over 71,000 people who had their student visa expire in 2015. Currently most international students apply for a Tier 4 visa before studying in the UK and there is no limit on the number of student visas that can be issued. The figures were…

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One in three young people “scared” to check bank balance

Nearly a third of young people are too scared to check their bank balances, according to a survey conducted by Intelligent Environments, a developer of online banking software. The findings have been revealed that money problems are having a serious psychological effect on students, 46% of 18-to-24-year-olds reported a loss of sleep as a result…

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