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Sex and the impact it has on sports performance

Sex and its relationship to sporting performance has long been debated. There are some well-known connections in the sporting world. Boxers are said to have to abstain from sex before a big fight and the Olympic village has a particularly raunchy reputation.  The importance of testosterone and sex is particularly common when it comes to…


On Thin Ice

Beijing was meant to be Kamila Valieva’s Olympics. The fifteen-year-old skater had first broken onto the international skating scene in 2019, winning the Grand Prix Final and Junior World Championships on her first attempt and was heralded by many within the sport as the next great skater. This form was continued into the 2020-21 year,…

Global, Global Investigates

Global Investigates: Then and now – what did the world look like 30 years ago?

January 2022 welcomes a new year full of hope for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, ambitious goals to cap global warming, and marks Concrete’s 30th Birthday. First published in 1992, this issue marks our 384th publication. In those 30 years, the world has changed drastically, countries have collapsed and new countries formed, global tensions…

Climate Change, Science

The Sustainability Of The Olympic Games

The Tokyo Olympics held this year aimed to be the most sustainable Olympic Games ever held. However, eco-friendly experts believe not enough is being done to combat the impact on the climate.  Organisers in Tokyo have gone to extreme lengths in order to keep the games as environmentally friendly as possible. Athletes have spoken at…


The Magic of the Olympics

Matching the tally from London 2012, Team GB finished a very respectable fourth in the medal table behind the host nation Japan. In an Olympics scarred by the global pandemic, there were numerous firsts achieved by Team GB before the games even had begun. The Tokyo 2020 squad is the first Olympic representation of Great…


A Tumultuous Time for Tokyo Olympics

The postponed Tokyo Olympics were never going to run smoothly during a global pandemic, Olympics rarely ever do. The times we live in are unprecedented but, in the past few weeks, various Olympic governing bodies have created controversies which are set to overshadow the much-anticipated games. Fina, the governing body for Olympic water sports events,…

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