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Music Videos – Are They Necessary?

Growing up with a teenage sister in the early 2000’s, MTV ruled our television screen. Counting down the top charts while we fought over whose turn it was to take over the control, we spent the weekends dancing to music videos in the living room. But in an age where Spotify and TikTok now take…


The Energy Crisis & Rise of Living Costs

Recently, you’d have noticed there has been a very large price inflation since Russia began attacking Ukraine. The price of living has vastly increased, and while we’re not the only place to be affected, the current inflation is rising at 7%, with the worst yet to come. Amidst Russia’s war crimes, many countries have cut…


Britain’s migrant deal with Rwanda

The landlocked East African country of Rwanda is due to become the potential home of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in the UK as part of a controversial scheme negotiated by Home Secretary Priti Patel. In a speech discussing the government’s new migration and economic development partnership, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced, “anyone entering the…


The Bell Jar

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Bell Jar, or Sylvia Plath. If you haven’t then I highly recommend you get Googling. The Bell Jar was originally published under a pseudonym in 1963, the same year Plath unfortunately ended her life, but the novel and her legacy lives on. Without giving too much away, The Bell…


Why We Need Short Films:

It is fashionable – perhaps too fashionable – to feel cynical about the state of contemporary cinema. A casual glance through the screenings at one’s local cinema only seems to reinforce this belief: the average movie going experience is packed with spectacles, superheroes, and sequels. It is also in fashion to link this to the…


The Best Comedy Shows by Beloved Stand-Up Comedians

Laughter, much like a virus, is contagious. That might be why it has raised the spirits of so many, particularly over the past two years. Humour is often used as an escapism – a coping mechanism during challenging or tragic situations. Throughout the pandemic, people made songs about hand washing, and joked about the lack…


#BookTok: Worth the Hype?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of BookTok, it’s a communal space for the readers of TikTok where books are recommended and discussed between users. It has benefited people all over the world. I’m not ashamed to admit that when looking for a book recommendation, BookTok is the first place I check, and it’s…

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