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Oxford proposes dropping Homer and Virgil

The University of Oxford’s Classics department are proposing to drop traditional authors of classical texts, including Homer and Virgil, in an attempt to reduce the state school intake gap. This is a result of what the university says has been the lower uptake of students taking Latin and Greek studies at A-Level. Traditional subjects such…


Rishi Sunak’s meteoric rise to power

One could almost hear the frantic movements across the keyboards as my housemates and I attempted to rapidly google the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, a position that is seen by many as the second most important in government after that of the Prime Minister (and perhaps more recently, whatever Dominic Cummings is). It would…


UEA up for the cup in Nottingham

UEA’s teams experienced a mixed day in Nottingham last Wednesday at their BUCS Conference Cup finals. Before the Conference Cup action got underway, UEA men’s Rugby third team went down 12-7 to Lincoln’s first team in their Midlands Conference Plate final, but were pleased with their runner-up spot. UEA Fencing’s ladies performed well against Nottingham…

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UEA to appear on University Challenge tonight

A UEA team will take on Keble College, Oxford, on BBC’s University Challenge tonight at 8:30pm. The team, consisting of students Ed Bellamy, Matthew Reid, Matthew Walker and Madeline Forde-Roberts will be battling students from Keble College on the famous quiz show hosted by Jeremy Paxman. Tonight’s episode is the last of this series’ first-round…

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