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Beneath Silence

Silence is the cruelest weapon  You teach her to swallow back tears  Master the art of snide and contempt  Fight fire with fire, burn for burn.  Tell me, how long will it take to unlearn  All the hate she festers within, all the hurt?  With luck, she’ll dance atop broken glass  Scald the coffin; bury…


Literature and the allure of suffering

A while ago, I was talking to my friend about whether suffering came with rewards. She had just been offered her dream job after months of struggle in a gruelling interview process. Blood, sweat and tears was the phrase she used, quite literally. Although it was painful, the struggle resulted in her getting what she…


Nick Cave, Ghosteen: haunted by wonder

“Once there was a song, the song yearned to be sung…” Thus opens Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ latest album; we begin with a reference to Elvis Presley, who is something of a recurring theme for the Australian rock band, having been the subject of songs such as ‘Tupelo’. Yet there is nothing routine…


Tooth causes two year long blocked nose

The cause of a 59 year old man’s unexplained two year long blocked nose has been discovered. Following a childhood facial injury, a tooth had grown into the nasal cavity. After presenting to doctors at University Hospital Aarhus in Denmark complaining of the blocked nose and nasal discharge, the hospital were shocked to find the…

Creative Writing


Sharp pangs Stab my stomach On my back, In pain. A hole inside of me, I am not complete. My vagina is a gateway for the other. I want to take a needle and pierce the eye with red thread, I want to sew together the lips that engulf my emptiness. Red. Flesh. Raw. My…

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Walking in heels

[su_box title=”How not to do it” box_color=”#2D2D73″ radius=”0″]This is normally how it goes: you spot a pair of killer heels literally calling your name in the shop, and you just have to buy them. Even if this comes with severe consequences such as sacrificing food and potentially alcohol for the week… well, maybe the day….

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