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Trump peace plan causes unrest

Palestinians have rejected US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, labelling it a “conspiracy”. The plan stated that Jerusalem would remain Israel’s capital, form a Palestinian state, and recognise Israeli sovereignty over settlements in the west bank. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded to the plan claiming that Jerusalem was, “not for sale” and, “all our rights…


The Middle East Year in Review

The Middle East has seen tensions rise within the region in 2018. Just when tensions were at an all-time high, the Saudi Arabian dissident and Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate in October. The finger has been pointed at Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. Meanwhile, the vicious Yemeni Civil War between…

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Review: The Honourable Woman

What does an Oscar-nominated actress, a man with an incredibly posh name, and the Beeb have in common? You won’t guess it, so here’s the answer. They’re all involved in The Honourable Woman, a new eight part drama on BBC Two. Hugo Blick, a man known for his incredibly complicated plots, writes and directs the…

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