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My pandemic getaway

No sleep. Bus. Club, another club. Plane. Next place. The activities of Lady Gaga’s now oft-quoted On the Record interview seem like a hazy utopia. Restless days of constant partying are over, for now, with PCRs replacing the LCR. Sleep is in excess, and clubbing is replaced with walking. The peak of entertainment? The local…


Why I’ve started… sending letters to my friend

This time last year, I was a different person. Not only did I naively anticipate the obliteration of the Covid-19, but I communicated my fears and anxieties almost entirely online. Of course, nowadays, we don’t really have a choice. But the fast-paced digitisation of today’s world, though filled with opportunity, is also risky. According to…

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Coronavirus Breaking News: Sydney re-enters lockdown

Areas of Australia have been placed back into lockdown after a surge in the number of cases in parts of the country. 110 new cases have emerged in Sydney’s Bondi neighborhood, leading to a total of 128 cases within the country and resulting in new coronavirus rules being implemented across New South Wales.   Eastern suburban schools have also been caught in this outbreak, where 4 children…


Coronavirus update 12/04

The AstraZeneca vaccine remains under investigation for its potential role in blood clots observed among recipients of the jabs. Its use has been restricted in countries such as France, Germany and Canada, despite the World Health Organisation (WHO) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) saying its benefits outweighed the possible negatives. Scientists remain divided on the…


Long Covid –is it all in the genes?

Cambridge scientists are studying whether our genes play an important part in determining who develops long Covid and who is spared. Vertigo, extreme fatigue, breathlessness, brain fog and fainting – according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) long Covid has left approximately 1.1 million UK citizens with debilitating symptoms, in some cases, for months…


Galleries in lockdown: visiting virtual exhibits

Coronavirus has certainly had a devastating impact on the art scenes worldwide, with galleries having to close their doors for months at a time. The world has had to quickly adapt, and one way that art can still be communicated is virtually. Many museums worldwide have online galleries which are free to view. They enable…


What do you miss most about live music?

For this issue, we asked three of Venue’s writers what they miss most about live music. Enjoy! There’s nothing that can make you feel more alive than the incredible atmosphere of live music. Of course, there’s the building excitement as you queue outside the venue, waiting to buy a t-shirt of your favourite band’s logo….

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A Month in the Country

Tuesday 24th March They announced it last night. We have to shut ourselves into our own homes and not see anybody. I can go for a walk for an hour a day, I can go to buy food, I can go to the Doctor’s. Shops and schools are closed, buses and trains are cancelled. I…

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