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The finance round-up

Co-Op to be investigated Co-Op will be investigated for its treatment of its suppliers, following accusations from the Groceries Code Adjudicator that it had fallen short of industry standards. The Co-Op has already paid around 110 suppliers a total of £500,000 to try and make amends. It has been accused of charging suppliers for product…


Mothers suffer pay penalty

A recent report suggests mothers suffer pay penalty at work. A study published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that by the time a couple’s first child hits the age of 20, the mother earns around a third less than the father. This is likely a result of women working part-time in motherhood, the…


Tennis to mind the gender gap

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) revealed that it pays both sexes equally for their sporting achievements, but is “not satisfied” with its gender pay gap. In a 2017 report, there was a 31 percent difference between the mean average pay of men and women, as a result of men placed in more senior positions. Government…


Controversy over BBC gender pay gap

A PwC report found “no evidence” of systematic gender bias in the pay of the BBC’s 824 on-air presenters, but offered several key recommendations to reduce the size of the 6.8 percent gender pay gap including fixing “anomalies” in decision making processes. “The BBC’s lack of consistency and transparency has fed these perceptions [of discriminatory…


The Finance Roundup

One percent pay cap to be lifted on public sector workers. After mounting pressure to increase pay rises in the public sector, the government has decided to remove the one percent pay cap that has been imposed since 2013. Police officers will get a 1.7 percent rise and a one percent bonus, whilst prison officers…

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Pay gap: female graduates earn £8,000 less

A report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission at the end of December last year has found that on average, women graduates earn £8,000 pounds less than their male counterparts. These findings highlight the scale of the task still to be achieved over women’s equality in the workplace, even after 45 years since…


Graduates’ pay affected by upbringing and family history

Two reports recently released by the Institute for Education (IOE) and the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) suggest that a graduate’s pay is affected by their upbringing and their parents’ education. According to the IOE, having a degree doesn’t close the gap between rich and poor. The report indicates that graduates whose parents did not…

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