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Have the People’s Vote lied to us?

You may have heard about a little issue known as Brexit rearing its ugly head on the media circuit. Its misinformation, toxic political agendas and intense polarity has left many disenfranchised by one of the most important issues of a generation. But even if you’re bored of Brexit (which is an entirely justified stance), there…


The dead centre; resignations help no one

You’ve heard the news, I’m sure. On the morning of 18 February, seven MPs – Luciana Berger, Ann Coffey, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Gavin Shuker, Angela Smith, and Chuka Umunna – resigned from the Labour Party and announced the formation of The Independent Group, a new political alliance of centrist, pro-EU MPs. The next evening,…


PPL academic dispels ‘myths’ in support of a People’s Vote

Reader in Political and Legal Theory, Dr. Alexander Brown, has written an article for the Huffington Post arguing against a second EU referendum. Brown, a regular contributor to the publication, attempts to debunk several ‘myths’ which he claims have collected around this campaign. Brown links this to the referendum of 2016, in which he claims…


Guy Fawkes and the People’s Vote

Remember, remember the People’s Vote campaign. It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it? Anyway, I’m going to answer the question on everyone’s mind. The answer to Brexit, you ask? Err no, it’s far more important than that. This is the question of whether Guy Fawkes would support a second referendum. In…


Caroline Lucas joins students for the People’s Vote debate

Students were given the opportunity to discuss Brexit with former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas. The talk was organised by the Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) movement, in partnership with UEA Liberal Democrats and UEA Politics society. The panel was organised with the aim to give students a platform to discuss the impact of Brexit,…


SU joins People’s Vote March

On Saturday 20 October, the The People’s Vote March for the Future took place in London, with an attendance of around 700,000, 600,000 more than anticipated. Supporters marched for a final say on parliament’s Brexit deal. Last week saw members of the SU speak out in support of the march, hosting a banner making session…


What does a “People’s Vote” actually mean?

Amber Rudd has said “a people’s vote could be the result of an impasse” and it would be “preferable to no deal”. Yet again, it’s more proof if any were still needed that a ‘People’s Vote’ is really just a smokescreen for arrogant, sneering, ivory-tower elitists who still can’t get over the fact they lost….

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