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Researchers have found a way to lengthen your phone battery

Research at UEA has found a possible solution to short mobile battery life, overheating handsets and expensive contracts. Dr Alexander Romanov and Professor Manfred Bochmann have identified molecules found in gold that increase efficiency in mobile phone screens. The traditionally used iridium produces extra heat, however properties in gold allow for the energy to be…

Sex Survey 2019

Huh? What’s Hinge?

Not a week goes by where there isn’t a thinkpiece published attributing the failures of modern romance to dating apps. The eroders of human connection, promoting superficial decision making, rendering it impossible for two people to truly click. However, they are a mainstay in the way we conduct our romantic interactions and UEA is no…

Sex Survey 2019

The truth about sex work

The sex industry is something everyone is aware of but hardly anyone speaks of their experiences with it. With many students struggling to juggle their social life with the financial restrictions of their maintenance loan, the sex industry is a way that students can earn a little extra on the side. The sugar daddy industry…


Social Media Switch Off

De Montfort University in Leicester, in an attempt to encourage students to carry out a digital detox, switched off all social media for a few days. The main purpose of this is to promote student wellbeing by highlighting the detrimental effects that social media can potentially have on one’s mental health. In the digital age…


Nightline Awareness Week 2018

With UK student satisfaction at an all time low, according to continued decreases in average satisfaction levels in the National Student Survey, it is more important than ever that students feel like they have somewhere to talk about their struggles. From 19 – 25 November, Nightline Awareness Week promoted the listening service Nightline within the…


Out of the blue?

Do you stay up late on social media with the niggling fear of missing out on the latest updates before you hit power-off?   Although it might be tempting to say no, if the answer is, in fact, yes, research into the effects of blue light on circadian rhythms might be of interest to you, or more importantly, your health…   Whilst in the science world, it has been…

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