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Pirates reach post-season playoffs

UEA Pirates American Football team have won their league, and continue to progress in the playoffs. The team sealed the Division 1 South-East championship with a 47-6 win at Queen Mary in their last match of the regular season to make it seven wins out of eight and as they enter the end of season…


Concrete meets… UEA Pirates American Football

The only encounter I’ve had with American Football was two years ago, when I went to film a match at Colney Lane on a freezing day. Since then, I have been following their results and keeping up to date with how they perform as a team. In reality, I still don’t know the rules and…


Pirates look to correct weaknesses for season finale

The UEA Pirates’ main weaknesses this season were very prominent in their games against Brighton Tsunami and Sussex Saxons, causing them to fall to an ignominious record of two wins, four losses. The record meant that the Pirates are now officially ruled out of playoff contention, however, the Pirates are looking to ened the season…