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who knows what the future brings? Maybe i’ll buy a plant, maybe i’ll pack it all in Memories, like drawings in steamed up glass Linger And I wonder if my hopes for us Will one day also be ghosts Images drawn in water Fading You walked up to me with gold and flowers in your…

Creative Writing

After Mark

Softly calling dreams of stardom Draw me down Can’t get up anymore When I was young I was absent And now there’s no time left, spent The lessons were expensive What do I have to show for it Put on a show for you – i’m a fool Guess I should learn the rules just…

Creative Writing


A song comes on that perhaps, he used to play And dragging on a meagre joint, rolled expertly as he lies naked in bed He tries to sing once again Cracked and strained he can’t give up, the notes Linger in the smokey air The stale smell of disappointment, despair Leaning over, he ashes into…

Creative Writing


Weather rattled against the canopy overhead And the branches whimpered and sighed in the wind, Thick, brittle things like the arms and legs of innocent insects. The sun was dipping low, its orange glow piercing And disappearing between glimmers of growth. Dust and dirt and grime and grit All gathering together and becoming stronger And…

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Puddle Jumping

A month with no colour, no snow, a thick puffer jacket pulled over two red ears against a thudding Arctic bite; the boy treads on, warm and shuffling  up the garden path happy simply for the freedom  of the winds. The world is his: he sees no fence but the stretch of grass that coils…

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January 2022
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