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Creative Writing: Untitled

(i) vodka shot eyes: and the moon replies without warning, waiting for her Orpheus hardly there, fashioning rings from her red, red hair (ii) she was a meadow; taste of heather rattle of bone he Decembered her with marzipan lips and moans (iii) his arms howl like raindrops among the hailstones

Creative Writing, OldVenue

The Ceremony of Re-Naming

Your eyes chart me As though you’d never sailed forth before And I, on top, am your maiden voyage. We aren’t looking at each other much But in your eyes I see Behind the hoisted rigging, The ceremony of renaming is taking place: Your have practiced this, Sharpening your tools, So that your movements are…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Jog On

  I started running to improve myself. I bought a pair of trainers and some shorts. They said I needed to for my health. They kept on and I’d used up all my retorts. So now I’m pounding the pavement each day. Sweat pours from pores I didn’t know I had And my crimson face…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Playground Dust

  ‘Boys will be boys is barely a sentence let alone a fucking explanation’ When you were ten, you were still searching for fun writing poems, drawing patterns in playground dust, hoping they would someday soon make sense and tell you how best to be a man. When you were eleven, a new school building…

Creative Writing, OldVenue


there is something of an “x” about you a cracked circle ancient exoskeleton sharp against bluish glass womb of the world the world is we not you crystallized lips pricked cardinal sine are not in accordance with those interlocked boxes separating tongues your parenthesis silence me this orderly, humble bisected heart tucked into infinity glimmering…

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