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Cold Stone

Stone plinths carry the weight of a cold— Marble mother clinging to a son in rags; Covered in blood and thorns and sorrows. Lying daffodils at their cold carved feet—   Among the cold plethora of your prayers. Feeling the weight of tired gazes on my back; Bathing in tears and sympathies and blessings: They…

Creative Writing

“Please can I have a bedtime story?”

You beg for a story, it’s long past your bedtime, But I suppose one little tale wouldn’t be a crime, I’ve only just come out to say hello, From the murky depths of your bed below You reach out to feel me, you want a hug Your scent intoxicates me, my own personal drug Breathe…


Which one tells it better?

Prose “No matter how good a phrase or a simile he may have, if he puts it in where it is not absolutely necessary and irreplaceable he is spoiling his work for egotism. Prose is architecture, not interior decoration, and the Baroque is over.” – Ernest Hemingway Prose gives voice to a limitless array of characters,…

Creative Writing

Death by Numbers

One two, one two, me and you, We are caught in a ladder of numbers: the years roll out and scroll up. Watch them pass us by, through our toes and fingers, how they fly how they fly! Heyho: one day we’ll die. Three four, three four, all this and more. As the times pass…


New year, new art, new me

Yes, all of us make resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, and plan our time/money better. But perhaps just as popular are resolutions to finally read that book you’ve been pretending to have read for years (or even just to read more), to start that project you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start for months now,…

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