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His body lay among the winter heliotropes on a mountainside, but from above he saw his disturbance on the earth and patted his tear and stroked his cold cheek with whispers, and so sent away the waters to the hollows of our eyes

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There is a calmness, I find, something tranquil and true In walking out in November, the sky crisp, new, and blue, The leaves on the ground are many, the ones on the trees few, Forming a path of gold for feet to walk through. The days are growing shorter, with no sun to look to,…

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Nothing in between

How does one find words for things that are but one big blur? A fragment here, another there, as countless feelings stir It’s all inside, and all locked in, one big emotive load I feel so much, I’m all filled up, I think I might explode And still I cannot help but think this chaos…

Creative Writing, Venue

I, who watches

I have not a coin in my purse, but this weighs as no consequence. Nor am I a lonely man, hence I am rich in friends. My wealth lies in those acquaintances with whom I make habit to chatter and- pontificate, drink tea and eat cake, Supermarket beer exchanged with a clink of glass necks,…

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His name was Hans and he gave me red wine. The apartment was pristine, mostly white with a few loud splatters of red paintings. The white sofa did not have a blanket draped over its arm, nor did any cushion nestle in its corners. Dimly lit, it was a space occupied mostly by the quiet…

Creative Writing


The war ended today. Blackened the chimney. Painted the door a Rothschild red and let the cat out to sit on the wall. Back into the study – from here I can just see his paws stretch. They rest and curl, feverish in old familiar surroundings. The feline prisoner once under sentence of indoor play,…

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