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The cake is going stale on the table and the lemonade, well, it’s all gone flat. She sits on the floor in her little dress and Mum stands at the window, on the phone, saying, ‘No worries, it’s just such a shame that no one came!’ to this sad, cold, child’s birthday.

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Technicolour migraine Death approaches through a meadow Open the doors to the dreamscape When head meets pillow. Paralysing fear or spastic emotion Psychedelic backdrop to warped truth. Loosen the belt on your imagination, Where dissolving memories are your only proof. Broken-winged birds lie on barren land, My body arches beneath soaked sheet. What is there…

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The world around me is blue: blue ground, blue atmosphere, a blue filter wrapped around my eyes. I have just pushed off against a wall, and for a few brief moments, I hang suspended like a star in the sky or like how clouds hang above lightning in the middle of a storm. The rapids…

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No need for sleep

Belly full with laughter, guts plump with giggles, I crumble under your tickles. Face a rash of Cheshire cat, the only pain I feel Is the ache of burning cheeks and the foggy wonder if this could be real. Cause even in the dark our faces beam, we refuse to sleep because we live the…

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But when it happened – and it did – I didn’t hear a single saddened wail, All the weeps and screams, Faraway in a hospital of dreams, As I slipped in and out of sleep, All I heard was the surrendered silence, the clickety clack, the onward track, of the train forever forward.

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I dreamed of you last night

I dreamed of you last night and in that dream of mine you died. You were all cheekbones with that cheeky smile that brings on stormy rain but promises of summer (and perhaps a bit of snow on Christmas). It wasn’t terrifying, not per se – I’ve seen your death a million times, and I…

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Silent, fast speaking new year

To the unheard voices, To the feeble voices , (Only whispers at midnight.) To the strong minds, limbs, lungs and hearts, Whose voices are unheard, Feeble, For they have to listen And be strong. For they have to talk wisely And be strong. To the fireworks minds, To the injured minds who only know how…


Live Review: Kate Tempest @ The Waterfront

Poet and musician Kate Tempest visited Norwich on Monday 5th December as she toured recently released album Let Them Eat Chaos. Boxed In were the support, the stage name of Oli Bayston and his band. They played a set of sultry electro numbers from their two albums to date which put their thumping live bass…

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