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Most Memorable Gaming Experiences

Pokémon FireRed Every Friday, if I’d been well-behaved that week, my mum would drive me to The Game Zone, a video game rental shop not far from our house whose stock of retro games I wouldn’t fully appreciate until years after it closed down. There, I would pick up the same copy of Pokémon FireRed…

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Lockdown Games Part II

Pokémon Platinum is a welcome respite to the stress of lockdown. Any time I want to squeeze some serotonin into my life, I boot up my ancient Nintendo DS, wipe my completed game file, and start playing again from scratch.  You play as a Pokémon trainer, travel through the Sinnoh region, battle and capture Pokémon…


Don’t rule out Rule of Rose

You’ve probably never heard of ‘Rule of Rose’. The 2006 survival horror game didn’t see a release over here due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, caused by media outlets and government officials denouncing the game based on incorrect claims and assumptions of its content.  Unlike other survival horrors of its era, or any era…


A return to gaming

For as long as I can remember, the best days of my childhood were my summers.  Filled with days off school, the lush green grass and walks by the beach, there was always something beautiful about the season. However, more than the beauty in full growth around me, summer held great memories because I knew…


Of mice and ‘mon

When Pokémon Go was released in July 2016, everybody with a phone and a half-forgotten childhood dream of owning a band of cute animal companions threw down their university coursework, threw down their part-time jobs, threw down that Concrete article they should have been writing, downloaded the app, and charged out the front door into…


Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Pokémon franchise returned again in November 2016 with Pokémon Sun and Moon (or Pokémon S&M – what an unfortunate abbreviation), and brought with it a startling deviation from the norm. Gyms are now gone and have been replaced with trials and grand trials, many of the original Kanto Pokémon have had a complete redesign,…

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