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Rising temperatures could make Earth uninhabitable

With climate change comes a series of unfortunate consequences, and rising temperatures are at the top of the list. This phenomenon is particularly dangerous for areas near the equator as the rapidly increasing heat threatens to make these regions literally uninhabitable. The latest research has announced that rising temperatures and humidity are pushing tropical areas…

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There’s a global pandemic, they say. Stay inside. No none essential travel allowed. No driving to nice places. No leaving the house. The fear sets in. Everyone stock piles, rushing to buy as much food and toiletries as they can. And then. Nothing. No motorways packed with back to back vehicles. No cars being used…


Two whales found dead in the Thames

On Tuesday, October 8, a humpback whale that was previously spotted in the Thames was found dead by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).   The humpback, lovingly nicknamed Hessy, was a rare breed thought to have died due to being nutritionally compromised. However, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) conducted a necropsy and found…


Our plastic planet?

‘Our Plastic Planet?’ was hosted by Lizzie Daly, a wildlife biologist with a particular passion for the oceans. Her interactive presentation began with the cold truth: the entire ocean is now polluted with plastic. Every second 20,000 plastic bottles are being bought, and more than 80% of them are ending up either in landfills or…


Plastic and pollution – what can you do this summer?

Devastating footage of seabirds starving to death because their stomachs are so full of plastic there is no room for food has recently emerged on BBC One documentary Drowning in Plastic. The birds live on Lord Howe Island, a tiny island off the east coast of Australia. Marine biologists are working hard to save the…


Earth Day

On Sunday 22 April, tens of thousands of runners took part in the London Marathon. Entrants faced scorching temperatures and an unforgiving sun, attempting to claim the pride and satisfaction of completing the notorious course. Earth Day is an annual event, raising awareness and action for environmental issues across the globe. With over a billion…

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