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Students fear Trump’s environmental agenda

When Concrete spoke to students this week, 100 percent of them agreed that they were concerned about global warming. The environmental poll also showed that 75 percent were anxious that Trump had abandoned the Paris Climate Agreement and was taking step backwards. Emily Mason,  a third year Environmental Sciences student said, “I am worried about…


Concerns raised about fish digesting plastic

We’ve all been told how good for us fish is with its healthy fats, protein and Omega 3 but how about plastic? Packs of six Youngís fish cakes have been recalled from Farmfoods and Heron Foods stores due to the risk of them containing hard plastic and potentially scraps of metal. Customers have been asked…


Household products contribute to city pollution

For many years, scientists claim that the most important source of VOCs are from the combustion of fuel in vehicles. However, a recent study by Colorado University was brought to attention with the discovery that scientists have underestimated the sources of non-vehicle VOCs. These non-vehicle VOCs are mainly petroleum-based chemical products, such as cleaning fluids,…


The world’s most hypocritical polluters?

Whilst climate change, ecological issues and unethical consumption are widely addressed within the creative world, the carbon footprint of art production itself is widely overlooked. A stimulating and progressive aspect of our culture, art is placed on a pedestal; its environmental impact often being left unquestioned. But from transporting exhibitions across the globe, to the…


Pollution linked to tumours in sea turtles

A recent study has found that pollution from urban and farm runoff is causing lethal tumours in endangered sea turtles. The study, based in Hawaii, shows that nitrogen in runoff waters is leading to Fibropapillomatosis – the leading known cause of death in green turtles. Fibropapillomatosis, specific to sea turtles, is a disease characterized by…

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