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IS bride Shamima Begum wants to return to UK

Shamima Begum, one of the three schoolgirls who left London to join so-called ISIS in 2015, has admitted the she has no regrets about joining the group, but now wants to return to the UK. In an interview with The Times, the 19-year-old described finding heads in bins and losing two children to illness during…

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Dick pics on the rise

Something that has been prevalent in the modern age of dating: receiving ‘dick pics’. A baffling phenomenon that often occurs in the midst of a conversation, when a (usually) male counterpart sends a photo of his genitalia without the consent of the person on the receiving end. A recent YouGov study states that one in…


A duty to Prevent terror?

Universities have always had a unique duty among public institutions to safeguard freedom of speech with open debate in order to help university communities flourish and evolve. However, as terrorist atrocities continue to be committed, the publicís attention will inevitably turn to the arenas where radical and moderate ideas can be found in abundance- British…


‘PREVENT stopped me studying the modules I wanted,’ says student

A UEA student has spoken out about how government legislation PREVENT kept him from choosing to study modules that interest him. Muqaddam Malik made the comments at the SU’s event ‘Is it ethical to monitor students?’ last week. The PREVENT strategy is government legislation aimed at preventing the radicalisation of young people in the UK,…


Moazzam Begg to speak at Union event

Moazzam Begg, the controversial activist who spent three years imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, will speak at an event hosted by UEA Student’s Union in February. Titled: “Is it Ethical to Monitor Students?” the event will take place on 21st February 2017, at 6pm in UEA’s The Enterprise Centre and focus on discussion of the government’s PREVENT…


Academics criticise Prevent

140 academics have signed a letter voicing their dismay at the “lack of proper scientific scrutiny or public critique” given to the science behind the government’s counter terrorism strategy Prevent. The policy requires people with duties of care or positions of authority over young people to spot the warning signs of extremism. Controversially, it also…


UK universities subject to the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015

Last Friday was the deadline for universities to submit assessments of their ability to comply with the Prevent strategy, part of the government’s new anti-terrorism legislation, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. The act has faced controversy for obliging lecturers to observe students for indications of potential radicalisation. A university spokesperson told Concrete: “UEA’s self-assessment…

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Free speech at UEA is at risk

Last week proved to be a very important week in relation to freedom of speech and censorship. First there was the revelation that universities may be made exempt from Freedom of Information (FOI) requests; then Spiked.com released its free speech university rankings, giving UEA a red (compared to last year’s green); and Friday was the…

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UEA student questioned by Special Branch over Isis course reading

A UEA student has been questioned by counter-terrorism police after accessing pro-Islamic State (Isis) material online as part of their course reading. Students taking Clash of Fundamentalisms, a third-year PPL module, were directed to read passages from Dabiq, the online Isis-supporting magazine. Concrete understands that links to the Islamist material were posted on Blackboard, but…

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