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We Want to be Radicals

“Not Gay as in happy but Queer as in Fuck You.” – Anon Pride was founded on a brick or a shot or kick and the colours of the rainbow thereafter. For many LGBT+ people, a medium sized rectangular cloth, 90 by 150, dyed with the vanishing afternoon, means above all one thing: Pride. Since…


I love Pride, others NEED Pride

It’s weird to be a queer person who doesn’t have a coming out story. I grew up in Brighton, with very left-wing and accepting parents, so when I started to realise I liked girls as well as boys, there was no real reason to even have a conversation about it. My family had always been…


What feminism do you stand for?

I am a feminist. This is something I’ve said for years, but only recently have I realised the ambiguity of this statement, and had called to question what I actually stand for. I identify as an intersectional feminist, and was aware of the other branches of feminism, but am shocked at the degree of polarity…


Should a cisgendered, heterosexual woman headline Manchester Pride?

One of the biggest issues with Ariana Grande headlining is the suspected capitalist agenda. Manchester Pride will be charging around £70 for a weekend ticket to the event, which, in comparison to the previous years’ £30 fee, is absolutely ludicrous. The organiser’s justification for this increase is that they’re offering the biggest lineup of artists…


Pride: A movie of revolution

Pride, a 2014 adaptation of the true story of UK gay activists supporting the miners’ strike in 1984, follows LGSM – lesbians and gays support the miners – as they raise money for the strike, yet struggle to find a union to accept the money due to rampant homophobia. The film manages to explore two…


UEA sport clubs respond to booing of Pride event

Various sports clubs have come forward to oppose homophobic behaviour, following an incident where members of some clubs booed the announcement of a Pride event. Students attending last week’s Blue Bar’s sports night event on Wednesday 22 November reported that the DJ’s announcement of tonight’s ‘Sports Night Does Colours’ night in the LCR was met with boos….


28 Days of Pride

This LGBT+ History month at UEA is all about celebration. The national theme for 2017 is citizenship, PSHE and law, marking the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales. As officers we believe that this is something to cheer about, and so this month’s events will be showing and…


MPs and Rainbow Trees: Pride 2016

MPs and activists joined forces yesterday to discuss LGBTQ+ issues at Norwich Pride 2016. The city’s eighth annual Pride kicked off at 10am in the Forum, before the Pride Parade made its way to Chapelfield Gardens. Norwich Pride Question Time provided an opportunity for MPs Chloe Smith and Clive Lewis to speak alongside activists, including…

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