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Conservative election candidate Nick Conrad has said he is standing down over “ill-judged comments” he made on the radio about a rape case.

The former BBC Radio Norfolk presenter had been chosen as the party’s candidate for the Broadland seat in Norfolk. However, he withdrew because of the media attention surrounding his previous comments on-air. During an on-air radio discussion in 2014, Conrad said that women should, “keep their knickers on” to avoid rape and ever since then,…


Brexit Box

In another frantic week of Brexit negotiations, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made it clear that Britain would be leaving the European Union on October 31st, “deal or no deal”.  Earlier this week, the PM gave details of his final offer, known as “two border for 4 years”, made to the bloc. The outlined plans would…


Kashmir remains in lockdown as crisis escalates

For decades Kashmir and Jammu have been disputed and fought over by both India and Pakistan. The region has been subjected to political aggression and rivalry since August 1947, when both countries gained independence. However, the conflict has severely escalated in recent months. The territory has endured three major wars since independence and remains victim…


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces corruption charges

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing corruption charges after a two-year investigation. This would make him the second Prime Minister of Israel to be indicted if the attorney general continues with his decision, after his predecessor, Ehud Olmert, was sentenced and charged with corruption back in 2009. Prosecutors would have to go…

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