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‘OITNB says Goodbye’

The final season of the prison drama Orange is the New Black (OITNB) was released on the 26th of July. Each season beforehand had a powerful political message, but this final season really hit home for the American audience (and some Brits too). The joyful parts of the season were the reunion between ‘Taystee’ and…


Australia to re-open detention centre

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued a statement to say he will re-open the asylum seeker detention centre on Christmas Island. This facility processes asylum seekers aiming to enter the country, but is widely criticised by human rights groups who say that these people are effectively imprisoned. The detention centre was closed in late 2018,…


UAE release Matthew Hedges

British student Matthew Hedges has been pardoned and released by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following his life sentence for allegedly spying against the government. He was freed from prison and returned to the UK last week. He was imprisoned for life following an arrest and interrogation in May, during which he was denied access…


Art and the prison system

Hearing how the arts can be such a powerful support tool from a man with years of experience in prison can be truly overwhelming. In conversation with UEA Creative Writing lecturer Jacob Huntley, David Breakspear talked about his journey of reformation from criminal behaviour, emphasising the importance of external support and the need for a…


Cameron’s prison reforms place a needed focus on rehabilitation

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister announced proposals for a dramatic “overhaul” of Britain’s penal system, starting with six “reform prisons”, in what he deemed the “biggest shake-up of prisons since the Victorian era”. Many of us will no doubt be greatly skeptical of any speech which claims “Michael Gove is just the man for…

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