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Pornography: art or not?

Pornography: it’s a presentation of sex most people will have come across at some point. The question is how this presentation differs from the wide array of sexual material found in popular culture – in particular, film. When films like Blue Is the Warmest Colour depict sex scenes that wouldn’t look out of place on…


Top job market continues to be dominated by privately educated

New research conducted by the Sutton Trust educational charity officially confirms that the leading professions are dominated by the privately educated. The revelation has been condemned by the social mobility commission who have argued that the underprivileged are “too often shut out from Britain’s top jobs”. Sir Peter Lampl, chair of the Sutton Trust, stated:…


Is the opening of Sevenoaks Grammar is a backwards step for equality in education?

England is set to see the opening of the first ‘new’ grammar school in over 50 years, following ministerial approval for Weald of Kent School to build an “annexe”, which will function as a selective institution, in Sevenoaks. In response to accusations of opening the “floodgates” for the creation of more new grammar schools, the…