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Survey reveals student bias against BME academics

An analysis of the 2014 National Student Survey results has revealed that black or ethnic minority academics receive more negative feedback from their students. A study, published on the 7th January this year, discovered that the ethnicity of lecturers was a significant influence on the satisfaction levels of UK undergraduate students. The researchers, from the…


America needs to talk about its attitude towards guns and race

The big political players in the US, the ones that normally comment so loudly after a major incident, have so far been unusually quiet in response to the shooting of nine black members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston by Dylann Roof. Take, for example, the National Rifle Association. After the shooting at…


Whilst white supremacy exists, racial fluidity cannot

A curious story surfaced recently, when the parents of Rachel Dolezal, an American civil rights activist, revealed their daughter to be a white woman ‘passing’ as black. With racist ideology still embedded in American society, this triggered a national conversation, raising issues which I will aim to address as respectfully as a white, British, cisgender…

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Grammys Aren’t So Gold

Another year, another Grammys. It’s hard to express any real interest in the ultimate awards ceremony for the pop music industry – the entire thing feels artificial, each artist given barely a few seconds to accept their award before being ferried off stage. The media seems more interested in the ‘drama’ and what the artists…


Lance Armstrong: lessons to be learnt

A French mountain road in July. In the real world, it leads to a quiet, anonymous carpark called La Plateau de Beille, a ski resort called Le Alpe de Huez, or the wind blasted radio tower that crowns the ‘Giant of Provence’, Mont Ventoux. The Tour de France, though, is not the real world. Today,…

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Sex, Race and Alternative R&B

When it comes to a clichéd soundtrack for the horizontal tango (hopefully not a new dance on Strictly), the 21st century’s answer to the slow jams of the 90s generally seems to be found in the type of music produced by The Weeknd, Beyonce, Frank Ocean and FKA twigs, who are tentatively grouped under the…

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