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Triumphs and trials for UEA Tennis

It’s been a slightly hit and miss start to the year for Tennis. Many of our sessions have been cancelled due to rain, but this hasn’t stopped people joining! We’ve had great turn outs to our tasters and Do Something Different events this year, such as our Welcome Tournament, which saw over 60 people turn up. Trials…

Creative Writing

Red String

Our midnight conversations over mulled wine transformed into afternoon espionages, armed with nothing but cold sandwiches – people watching. Our three PM classes on igneous rocks maneuvered into six AM walks by the broad, skipping pebbles from the trail; as the morning sun varnishes elm branches vermillion.  Then came the rain.  Trickling softly; its rhythm…

Creative Writing

The Coaster Bird

Amidst the soak of roars and rain A sodden jackdaw falls, brings The weight of dampened feathers down To ink the bend of a coaster. Underneath, the children lean  Against a painted bearing pole With sugar lumps like poppyseeds  All scattered on their chests.  An hour they have waited just to touch the crackled air…


Californian wildfires

Since June this year, wildfires have fiercely swept across the state of California, USA. The latest, beginning in early November, has already claimed dozens of lives and hundreds of homes. More than 500 people remain missing. For months, residents in the state have had to flee their homes, sometimes with only minutes to spare before…


Coming to America

The queue for customs in Chicago takes two hours and my connecting flight has already left. I am crying. I leave my phone at the desk when checking my bags in for the next flight and don’t realise until I’m leaving the terminal. I cry more. A wonderful steward finds it for me and gives…

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