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My LGBTQ+ Literature Favourite 

As a bisexual woman, representation isn’t always easy to come by in literature. A lot of queer fiction tended to stray towards MLM (men loving men) representation – amazing that it existed, but I couldn’t relate all that much to it. However, LGBTQ+ representation in books is becoming more diverse, and I’m finding a lot…


Sapphic Book Recommendations

As someone looking to read about queer women, it’s easy to assume there is a lack of sapphic books on the market. Even worse, you may be convinced the books that are out there are poorly written, depressing or a horrible, soul-crushing combination of the two. Don’t allow yourself to be swept up in this…


Sex Representation in Romance Books

Sex representation in novels may feel like a modern addition to literature. However, there’s plenty of examples of classics in which sex scenes feature, or even where sex plays a dominant role in the plot line. The earliest example in English literature is Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, published in 1748 by John Cleland….


Romance Books and Sex Representation

Sex: defined for so long, by most, as a penetrative act between a man and woman. Books push the boundaries of this restrictive, reductive definition, and open reader’s minds to a wide range of sexual experiences- both healthy and unhealthy. Books have the power to educate and misinform, so the representation of sex within them…


Winter Book Recommendations

One of my favourite things to do in winter is grab a book and sit with a hot drink, pretending there’s a fire right next to me, when in reality it’s just a radiator. If you’re not a fan of winter, this is one of the small pleasures to make this season that tiny bit…


10 great horror films

Audition Feeling cruel and want to trick your horror-averse friend into watching a truly excruciating J-horror? Look no further than seemingly terror-free Audition, or perhaps don’t look at all. A lonely widower looks for love, and finds it in the enigmatic Asami – but this isn’t a romance. ‘Kiri kiri kiri kiri…’ – Josephine Dowswell…

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