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stitch beneath my skin, the veins underneath my fingertips— need sowing back together again. the blood runs cold, too far from home, and all of the rivers start to look like oceans. build me a bridge out of thread, a life raft, life jacket, anything to traverse the stream, anything to traverse the ocean, anything…


Discovering Ms Taylor

The recent announcement that Radio 1’s Big Weekend will be held at Norwich’s Eaton Park this May is, I was informed, big news. I myself was somewhat bemused by this information, being rather engrossed in my paper when my housemate burst into my room clammering about Taylor Swift being the first confirmed headline act at…

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Seeing Red

Call it cherry, ruby or scarlet, red is a hot colour this season. Red lips are a start, but to hit the ruby heights of this season it’s all about head to toe cherry tones. An easy way to begin incorporating red into your wardrobe is by choosing classic tailored pieces that you would usually…