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Editor's column

New beginnings and a reflection

Here it is, the first editorial I am writing as Editor-in-Chief of Concrete. I wish I was writing this under different circumstances, with a print issue being scattered around UEA and campus bustling with people who read our publication. Instead, I sit at home in Edinburgh, hundreds of miles from Norwich and even further from…



For those of you who haven’t watched it (oh, how I envy you) Nymphomaniac is a two-part film in which a girl tells a celibate man about her self-diagnosed nymphomania and the problems it has caused her since childhood. The film itself is really quite beautiful, even in its brutality. In the most violent, heart-wrenching…

Creative Writing


Shiny metal, pointed edges and grey with a sunshine hue, Golden warmth radiates as you press me closer to you. It took time to form the links that bound you to me, You didn’t always want to shield me you see. Robust exterior, shut out to all. I never knew armour could be so cruel….

Creative Writing


Loneliness is a fucking drug. Once you first taste loneliness, It is as addictive, As hard to quit As the hardest drug I know. The hardest drug I know Is cocodomol. Cocodomol became my friend When at 13 I hurt my hip And I needed a full night’s sleep, When at 15 I first felt…

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