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It’s time for political reform

I love politics. But I’m worried we’re drifting into dangerous territory. A poll by NatCen in 2017 found 56 percent of UK citizens felt no political party represented their view. That’s even though 80 percent of the electorate backed Labour or Conservatives in the general election. I asked a friend, who classed herself as one…


Cameron’s prison reforms place a needed focus on rehabilitation

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister announced proposals for a dramatic “overhaul” of Britain’s penal system, starting with six “reform prisons”, in what he deemed the “biggest shake-up of prisons since the Victorian era”. Many of us will no doubt be greatly skeptical of any speech which claims “Michael Gove is just the man for…


Whatever the party line, it is highly unlikely we will see any reform to the House of Lords

The Conservative government was recently defeated in its attempts to cut tax credits. Owing to the nature of the cuts, many people were pleased about this news. Nonetheless, it has caused a significant amount of controversy, given that the proposed cuts were passed by the House of Commons but were then defeated in the House…