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Dating: high school vs university

Dating in high school is incredibly different from finding someone to love at university. Your age does make a huge difference in your relationships. For example, in high school, you are most likely to find your lover simply because you are involuntarily put in the same physical space every day. Even if there are clubs…


Has social media ended modern romance?

In the era of Facebook and other non-stop technology, many people believe romance is dead. However, the bigger question is whether our failure to adapt to technology leads to failed relationships and lacklustre moments. We consume more mass media than ever before and even if you take sappy films with a pinch of salt, you’re…


The difficulties of finding time for love

With university comes a new era. Learning to become independent, to cook, to clean, to budget, brings a new wave of freedom. You’re finally becoming an adult, no longer treated as a child, with the responsibilities and benefits that accompany this. Is this independence really all it’s cracked up to be? Or freedom just one…


Shiver Me Tinder!

As the sun goes down on another day in the Concrete office, the question on everyone’s lips: “What is this Tinder” And so, four great Concrete and Venue warriors, yielding their weapons ready to battle, take on the gargantuan task of trying to find love, sex and/or friendship on Tinder. Will we app-reciate this online…


The Venue Blind Date: Daisy and Freddie

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Venue sent its very own Fun & Listings editor on a wild blind date. Was it a success? Are they Concrete’s hottest new couple? Or did they despise each other with the fire of a thousand suns?   DAISY ON FREDDIE What were you hoping for from the blind…


Post-Date Post-Mortem: Daisy Jones Makes a Friend

You might have seen it going round the internet – “the 36 questions that can make you fall in love with anyone”. Yes, apparently there’s a simple way to finding true love: interviewing a stranger. Apparently answering these questions force you to be vulnerable and intimate, which is just what a romantic relationship needs. The…

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