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God’s Own Country: love, nature and acceptance

God’s Own Country opens with a bleak landscape; a reluctant dawn illuminating a grey and isolated world, the wind whistling without pause, and the sound of protagonist Johnny (Josh O’Connor) retching after one too many the night before. It’s an inexpressibly sad and hollow scene. Johnny’s world, limited on the family sheep farm that he…


Carol: the queer gaze on screen

‘Have you ever been in love with a boy?’ ‘No.’ ‘But you’ve heard of it.’ ‘Of course. I mean, have I heard of people like that? Sure.’ This is the conversation that Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) has with her partner Richard (Jake Lacy) in the 2015 film Carol, indicating that the focus of her romantic…


The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

The first of two instalments in The 1975’s Music for Cars double album has been lauded for weeks now, but that won’t stop us from adding our praise to the chorus. The band’s third full-length starts off in the same vein as their others, treating us with a third variant on their opening track, The…


UAE release Matthew Hedges

British student Matthew Hedges has been pardoned and released by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following his life sentence for allegedly spying against the government. He was freed from prison and returned to the UK last week. He was imprisoned for life following an arrest and interrogation in May, during which he was denied access…


‘Release’ review

Written by UEA graduate Adrian Moore and directed by Katie Smith and Freya Bennett, Release tells the tense story of a man who is on the bottom rung of a very high corporate ladder. Tupper-Chrome is described as being at the centre of the city, and although its actual function is unclear, its shady practices,…


Concussion controversy in Six Nations

When I refer to a C-word in sport, many people assume I mean “cheat”, understandably given the prevalence of doping, fixing and tampering in many arenas of the sporting world. However, there is now a word even more taboo than cheat – “concussion”. This year’s Six Nations has thrown the issue firmly into the spotlight,…

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