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Romney is the only good Republican left

It is a strange reality in which the most morally upstanding and reasonable politician in America right now appears to be Mitt Romney. As the rest of the Republican senators voted to acquit Donald Trump of his various crimes (which he definitely committed), Mr Romney stood separate to represent the last vestiges of the morals…


Anonymous senior official sheds light on President Trump’s ‘amoral’ leadership

Donald Trump, the US President, has faced strong criticism from an anonymous senior member of his own administration, who published an opinion-editorial in the New York Times describing the President as “amoral,” with his decisions being “impulsive, ill-informed and occasionally reckless.”   The anonymous author described how they are part of the “resistance” working to…


Trump is only one of many challenges to women’s rights in the United States

Donald Trump’s remarks on abortion were ignorant and misinformed, and those claiming they reveal the dark and dangerous ill-logic at the heart of anti choice rhetoric in the United States aren’t wrong, but they aren’t looking closely enough. Cruel, thoughtless and misguided yes, but the suggestion of punishing women who obtain an illegal abortion demonstrates…


Global Roundup 360 – February 23rd

Canadian man solves his own disappearance case A Canadian man has apparently solved his own disappearance in what is surely one of the most unique investigation stories of recent years. In September 1986, 21-year-old Edgar Latulip, a developmentally disabled man with a mental age of 12, disappeared from a home in Ontario, Canada, where he…


US Election Countdown

It’s been less than a month since Barack Obama gave his eighth State of the Union address, showcasing his plans for the next 12 months in America. However, attention has now shifted towards establishing who will be making an inauguration speech next January. Whilst the campaigns in both the Republican and the Democrat camps seemingly…

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