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Norwich residents wake to racist Brexit poster

Residents of Winchester tower block on Vauxhall Street found a number of racist posters on the morning of ‘Brexit Day’, January 31. The posters, titled “Happy Brexit Day” which were left in the communal areas of the building, demanded that residents speak only “the Queen’s English.” It went on to say, “If you do want…


New York No Place For Amazon

Amazon’s decision to abort plans to bring 25,000 jobs to New York City plays straight into the hands of critics. The proposed second headquarters promised investment in infrastructure and employment opportunities for the working people of Long Island City. However, just two hours after meeting with residents and community leaders, Jeff Bezos announced his decision…


Norwich residents least lonely in UK

Research by the Co-op group has suggested that the residents of Norwich are the least lonely in the UK. The survey, carried out last month which questioned 2000 adults, found that 57% of Norwich residents never felt lonely. This runs in stark contrast with Bradford and Belfast, where just 37% of the residents questioned said…