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A guide to New Year’s resolutions

‘My New Year’s resolution, is to stick to my resolutions’, a promise that I have made to myself on multiple occasions. Resolutions polarise public opinion. Some adore them, some despise them. There is something to be said for setting resolutions: they inspire change, self-improvement and achievement, which can pave the way for a brilliant year….


Why we should look forward to 2019

2018 was a difficult year for most, but 2019 seems to be a year we can look forward to. Last year, the world of entertainment saw positive representation of minority communities in cinema, with films such as Love, Simon and Black Panther. 2019 promises more of the same. With new seasons from The Good Place,…


Regular heatwaves: a hazard to health

7,000 more people could die per year due to increased temperatures by 2050, says a new report by the Health Protection Agency. It found that if no changes are made there could be a rise of 257% in heat-related deaths. So should we be worried? Well, the study found that London, the Midlands and the east…


New Year’s financial resolutions

In the blink of an eye, Christmas will be over, and we’ll all be back at uni. You know how it goes by now. Your phone vibrates, you look down and see the message you’ve been pining for since about the start of October. It’s from SFE and it’s announcing the impending arrival of your…


New Year’s travel resolutions

Every new year, we hear the familiar debating between people for and against resolutions. Some people think we should make them, tables and lists of them, trying our best to get them done. Others think there is no point in making any whatsoever; after all, why would this year be the one we make change?…


The phenomenon of the New Year’s resolution

Here we find ourselves again in the bleakest time of the year: the post Christmas period. Once again our tendency to overindulge is regretfully brought to our attention by the realisation on 1st January that the new semester starts in just under two weeks; that the past few weeks of partying with old friends hasn’t…

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Fitness Fashion

It’s a new year, and a new year means a new you. At a time when many people try their hand at that little old place called ‘the gym’, it’s safe to say fitness fashion is officially a thing. The daily Instagram selfies of the likes of Miranda Kerr in cropped running leggings, Bar Rafaeli…

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