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A Rewatch of… The Midnight Gospel (2020)

When you rewatch something, that overall experience can never be the same again – the mental circumstances occurring as you watch will always be different. This was my mindset going into my latest rewatch of ‘The Midnight Gospel’ (2020), a show I’ve now seen three times. ‘The Midnight Gospel’ is an adaption of sorts of…


Pop-up revision space in Arts

In consultation with the Students’ Union, the university has created a ‘pop-up’ revision space for students to use throughout this exam season on floor 01 of the Arts building. The area will be available for students to use until Friday 16 June. In  a blog post and supplementary video shared to Facebook, undergraduate education officer…


And if all else fails… Bad life advice

As exam season heaves into view once again, kick back and embrace your laziness with Peter Sheehan, Concrete’s very own wellness guru… Exams are tough. I know: I’ve taken plenty in my time. All too well do I remember the terror that grips the undergraduate heart as April slips coolly into May and the tick-tick tock of the exam…


Weird and wacky study tips

E-S-S-A-Y the five letters that students dread. Writing an essay is not a pleasant experience for many, so here are some study tips to help make the experience more enjoyable! •Listen to Ludovico Einaudi whilst you are writing or reading. The soothing music will help you to focus. •Reward yourself: set yourself a goal every…


5 ways to avoid revising

I sit and stare at the blank page. It’s staring blankly back. The words of my secondary school history teacher roll through my mind: “It’s like a dog returning to its vomit”. Revision. ‘Tis the season. The house has been tidied from top to bottom – every room.  I had planned to wake up at…


Eyes open, ready to learn

It’s no secret that revision isn’t the most exciting thing to spend your day doing, but it doesn’t have to get you down. We all hit the wall eventually, lose hope of ever seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but here’s a few little ideas to help you stay motivated and keep…

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