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Women in Science panel

The second week of Norwich Science Festival saw an all-woman panel take to the stage to discuss their personal journeys into STEMM careers. Guests Angela Saini, Chelsea Slater, Dr Ozak Esu and Dr Suze Kundu joined Laura Bowater, Professor of Microbiology of UEA, each giving a brief account of their experience in the STEMM world,…


Black History Month

Wandsworth Council’s renaming of Black History Month, a tradition that’s over 30 years old, to Diversity Month has unsurprisingly prompted no shortage of responses, many of which were less than positive. It’s odd it’s happening now, four years after the change actually took place. However, the move did raise some interesting questions about the event…

Black History Month Special

A brief history of black progression

From the mid 17th century, black slaves were being sold, auctioned and inventoried by slave masters until 1833, when the British government passed an act in parliament abolishing the slave trade. It had taken the hard work of numerous people, both black and white, working together to abolish slavery. They included the likes of Olaudah…

Black History Month Special

Decolonising the curriculum

Whether in Comment, News or Features, Concrete has repeatedly returned to the discussion of decolonising the curriculum. As Black History Month reignites the conversation once more, despite being in agreement that things should change, it’s questionable whether anything actually has. We can maintain thoughtful, intelligent conversation, but how long will it remain just that: just…


Dyslexia: Spelling it out

While it is not breaking news that every person is different from the next, it seems that this obvious fact is too often overlooked by many educational institutions. And by the time that most of us reach the pearly gates of university, we all know that each and every one of us has had to…

Main Stories

Transphobic stickers appear on campus

Transphobic messages have appeared on stickers around campus and in the city centre over the last week. It is currently unclear who is responsible for distributing the stickers, but UEA Security and Norfolk Police are investigating while also responding to reports made by taking down the stickers. The stickers contain extremely offensive messages which question…


Are workers’ rights out of fashion?

We all love a bargain when we’re shopping in our favourite high street stores: it’s good for our wardrobes, it’s even better for our wallets, and it takes even less time with the increasing rise of online shopping. But at whose expense?  When we’re buying a dirt-cheap top from Primark, or a ‘reasonably’ priced pair of jeans from GAP, do we even stop to think twice about who makes our clothes and the repercussions of…

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