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The Finance Roundup

UK manufacturing increased in November. Growth in the manufacturing sector last month was at its fastest in over four years. The figures come from the Purchasing Managers’ Index, and they suggest that exports were instrumental in the increase in this growth. RBS job losses and branch closures announced. The Royal Bank of Scotland is to…


The Financial Roundup – 21/11/2017

Dodging car tax after tax discs scrapped. According to government figures, the number of unlicensed vehicles on the road has increased threefold since the paper tax discs were retired. Last year alone, 755,000 unlicensed vehicles were on the road, meaning that the government missed out on £107m. ASDA reports rise in sales for two quarters….


The finance roundup

Bank of England raises interest rates. For the first time in over a decade, the Bank of England has raised interest rates. The lon g-anticipated move is the first since July 2007, and restores interest rates to 0.5% – the rate it was at before it was cut to 0.25% after the EU referendum. The…


Global roundup 360 – 318

Ukranian Russian tensions remerge On 22nd November, over three quarters of the Ukrainian region of Crimea was left without electricity supplies. Electricity pylons were blown up in what appeared to be an act of sabotage, leaving 1.9 million people without access to power. The news outlet Russia Today stated that: “the Crimean Emergencies Ministry has…