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His Last Gift

She found his letters in a black chest in the attic, the morning after his funeral. Her eldest told her to be careful, but as soon as she found out her husband had left her something, no rickety stairs or cobwebs could deter her. She sat cross-legged in front of the chest and unlocked it….

Creative Writing, Venue


The balloon burst and all the air escaped  too quickly for Jill to catch. She sighed as she saw the wrinkled skin, because there was  a hole that was Jim shaped.    The balloon was as big as their love had been with multicolour patches to match.  Golden memories and silver highlights,  picnic days of…


A Series of Unfortunate Events: end of series review

‘This show will wreck your evening, your homelife and your day. Every single episode is nothing but dismay!’ is what the audience is told in the catchy opening sequence to Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the show has proven to be a timely adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s famous book series. The story follows…

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