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Exploring ‘Art Deco by the Sea’ – Sun, Surf, Social Change and a very British kind of Escapism

Descending into the entry hall of the Sainsburys Centre’s cavernous underbelly is like sinking your toes into the surf upon the shoreline of a windswept British coast. The world feels different here – it is defined by sunlight and feelings of pleasure, depicting the joys of ease and possibility in simple swathes of flat colour…


Alternatives to graduation at the Sportspark

Three (or more) years of hard work, persistence, and, okay, a few nights on the dancefloor have come down to this. Today is the day you graduate. You’ve earned this. With your mortarboard plonked firmly on your head and your robes proudly donned, you walk up to collect your diploma. Well, first you must run…


Elisabeth Frink: Humans and Other Animals

To commemorate the anniversary of her death, The Sainsbury Centre have assembled the largest collection of Elisabeth Frink’s work (Humans and Other Animals) for 25 years in tribute to the influence she had on the Art world. With over 130 pieces on display by Frink and other influential artists – some never before displayed in…



‘Superstructures: The New Architecture 1960-90’ promises to “shine a light” on the architectural developments seen at the cusp of the twentieth century, and link these designs to their Victorian predecessors. Utilitarianism is at the crux of the works on display; blueprints and paintings of factories and offices feature heavily. Other mediums, such as models and…


From satire to ceramics at the Sainsbury Centre

Since time immemorial, the world has been overwhelmed by politics, and the perceived inability of the masses to effectively change anything. Voting, of course, is the ultimate weapon in our collective arsenal, but democracy is a flawed system that cannot solve every issue we have with government. So we look for other means of feeling…


Russia Season at the Sainsbury Centre

There is a strange red sculptural tower that has been erected outside the Sainsbury Centre. It is a new, unavoidable addition to the UEA grounds. This red monument is a symbol of the revolution, a monument to the future, a meeting of the creative and utilitarian. It is Tatlin’s Tower and was intended to be…

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