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Should we treat our degrees like consumer products?

Degrees, although an extreme example, can be said to be a consumer product. As students, we are paying for a service and an end product, and naturally this is expected to be of the highest standard possible. If a product is purchased from a retail business or service, and the quality is not up to…


Feedback satisfaction under 50% in seven schools

Seven UEA schools have scored 50 percent or lower student satisfaction rates with regards to how feedback on their courses has been acted upon, according to the SU’s latest annual Student Experience Report. The report, which attempts to sum up the current concerns of UEA students, is based on a variety of sources, including the…


UEA now third for student satisfaction

UEA has dropped to third for student satisfaction, the National Student Survey has revealed. The NSS, released earlier today, revealed that student satisfaction has decreased by 1 percent overall, and satisfaction with the Students Union is down by 9 percent. This is down one place from 2015, when the University was ranked joint second. Final-year,…

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