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GLOW, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

GLOW portrays an exciting and colourful story about the rise of female wrestling, filled with scandal, misogyny and heartache. The show has recently released its third series and it is clear that the plot line is becoming more outrageous in order to keep its audience entertained.  This series is drama filled. Ruth and Debbie continue…


Oscar Bait: The Death of Cinema?

The Academy Awards, or more simply known as Oscars, were first awarded in 1929, and now their 91st annual ceremony is right around the corner. Awards are given out for the year’s best film, acting, directing, writing, editing, cinematography… and the list goes on. Despite the Academy’s “dedication” to the filmmaking art, the real cultural…


UEA graduate on the run arrested in London

UEA History graduate Angela Davey, 38, was arrested by police officers in London, having been on the run for several months after being caught in an underground drugs operation. She had since been on Norwich’s Most Wanted list. She appeared at Norwich Crown Court last Friday for a short hearing in custody but failed to…


Don’t turn your back on Oxfam

Most people were horrified when national newspapers published allegations of sexual exploitation by Oxfam workers in Haiti. Members of the public have cancelled direct debits, and the allegations will likely tarnish Oxfam’s future announcements. In addition, with Oxfam trying to show transparency by publishing internal reports from Haiti, new admissions are expected. These are allegations…


The return of Berlusconi: Sex, scandal and fraud

One man has successfully managed to dominate Italian politics for almost three decades. Despite a myraid of scandals and court cases, Silvio Berlusconi has towered above all others. The three time Prime Minister and founder of the right-wing, pro-business Forza Italy party has returned to politics in 2018 to further confuse an already messy election….

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