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The Infodemic: A Rise in Science Denial

In a recent study from YouGov, it was revealed 20% of adults in Britain believe humanity has secretly made contact with aliens from other worlds.  While conspiracy theories like this may seem harmless on the outside, research from the World Health Organisation points to worrying signs of conspiracy theories being taken more seriously. This trend…


Bizarre Science: Why Do We Yawn?

The act of oscitation, more commonly known as yawning, is probably one of the most shared experiences among human beings. Be that as it may, scientists are still left scratching their heads when attempting to discern why it is we yawn in the first place.  The process is most commonly paired with feelings of boredom…


“Mini-hearts” Successfully Grown in a Lab

From clones like Dolly the sheep, to bright green fluorescent bunnies, the progression of science has yielded a lot of strange lab-grown things. As such, it came as no surprise when researchers from the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna managed to create tiny, beating hearts– each no larger than a sesame seed– in petri…


How do the coronavirus vaccines work?

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19 there has been an urgent search for a potential vaccine. Many classic, well-understood vaccines work by injecting a dead or weakened form of the target virus into the body. This helps the patient build immunity by triggering the immune system response, aiding the body for future recognition and response…


Can we actually read our dreams?

Dreams have long been associated as portals for divine wisdom. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks declared them the messenger service of the Gods, and described dreams as visitations from the heavens. Even in recent times, many notable figures have claimed their most famous ideas have come to them in dreams. Mary Shelley bore Frankenstein from…

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