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Black Representation in STEM

A report commissioned by the Royal Society earlier this year outlines alarming figures on the number of Black academic staff in STEM-related fields. This development is part of an ongoing discussion regarding the lack of ethnic diversity in STEM within the UK at all stages of career progression. Using diversity statistics from the years spanning…


Bizarre Science: Why do we watch horror films?

As Halloween approaches and the nights get darker, lots of people will be settling down to watch a horror film. What is it about these movies that make horror-lovers obsessed with them and keeps them coming back for more jumpscares and gore? What makes someone sign up for a dose of “media-induced masochism”? Science may…


The Age of Humanity

The Anthropocene is an idea most of us have heard of, but the concept is largely varied and involves so much its understanding can often get lost.   The literal meaning of the Anthropocene is: the current epoch we are living in after the Holocene within the Quaternary Period is within the Cenozoic Era. The basic…


The Infodemic: A Rise in Science Denial

In a recent study from YouGov, it was revealed 20% of adults in Britain believe humanity has secretly made contact with aliens from other worlds.  While conspiracy theories like this may seem harmless on the outside, research from the World Health Organisation points to worrying signs of conspiracy theories being taken more seriously. This trend…


Bizarre Science: Why Do We Yawn?

The act of oscitation, more commonly known as yawning, is probably one of the most shared experiences among human beings. Be that as it may, scientists are still left scratching their heads when attempting to discern why it is we yawn in the first place.  The process is most commonly paired with feelings of boredom…

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