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Amazon turtle populations recovering well thanks to local action

The previously over-exploited Giant South American Turtle population is making a steady recovery thanks to the work of UEA and its partner universities in the UK and South America. Conservation teams have implemented a bottom-up strategy of protecting the turtles’ habitat by employing local people as beach guards. Their primary aim is to protect the…


Californian wildfires

Since June this year, wildfires have fiercely swept across the state of California, USA. The latest, beginning in early November, has already claimed dozens of lives and hundreds of homes. More than 500 people remain missing. For months, residents in the state have had to flee their homes, sometimes with only minutes to spare before…


Regular heatwaves: a hazard to health

7,000 more people could die per year due to increased temperatures by 2050, says a new report by the Health Protection Agency. It found that if no changes are made there could be a rise of 257% in heat-related deaths. So should we be worried? Well, the study found that London, the Midlands and the east…