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Research sheds new light on Antarctic

Dr Dorothee Bakker of UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences is amongst a team who has shown that processes far out at sea are the most important factors determining C02 is absorption. The research challenges theories surrounding the relationship between C02 levels in the atmosphere and the polar Antarctic Ocean.


Amazon turtle populations recovering well thanks to local action

The previously over-exploited Giant South American Turtle population is making a steady recovery thanks to the work of UEA and its partner universities in the UK and South America. Conservation teams have implemented a bottom-up strategy of protecting the turtles’ habitat by employing local people as beach guards. Their primary aim is to protect the…

Creative Writing


The sea recedes before the second flood, sucked up into the horizon. Here fish are stranded, searching a dull expanse like eyes to a blank page. It’s pleasant though, for me at least, wading through windows and wrinkles to rest at the shoreline. The calm before the second flood. Take a while to watch the…


PVC trees giving coral reefs ‘a fighting chance’

The World Resources Institute predicts that 90% of coral reefs will be threatened by 2050, but a fast-growing scheme in Florida is now leading the fight against this decline. Based in Key Largo, the Coral Restoration Foundation spearheads a global network that aims to restore reefs worldwide by creating coral nurseries. These farming operations consist…

Creative Writing


Wake. Spins her legs out of the bed and wipes her eyes clear. Pillows gold, daylight shimmering, a fizzling flame across her shoulder. Clock ticks above the dresser, old hands with broken tips curling inward, slicing dust as it shifts the air. She gets up and sits down again. Blinking. Blinded. Thinking. The bedroom is…


Croatia: Sun, Sea, and Stairs

This summer I was lucky enough to spend a week in Dubrovnik with a group of friends before we went our separate ways for university. This was without a doubt one of the best decisions we have ever made, however, there was one aspect that I wish we had investigated before arriving: Dubrovnik is on…

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