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Sexual harassment an invisible problem at UK universities

The way universities in the UK deal with sexual harassment cases concerning university staff and students has been criticised by campaigners and academics. The Guardian reported that in many cases of students being sexually harassed by university students both parties are forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Confidentiality contracts signed in settlements allow the perpetrators…

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Sexual harassment at university going unreported

The NUS has claimed that 20% of students experience sexual harassment during their first week at university. Further, 66% of students don’t know how to report it. UUEAS has declined to indicate whether it could have done more to raise awareness of sexual harassment after only a handful of students at UEA reported sexual harasment…

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Sexual harassment needs to be addressed

The NUS’s announcement that 20% of students experience sexual harassment in their first week at university is truly shocking. University is meant to provide students with the opportunity to learn to be independent, while at the same time feeling that they are living in a safe environment where they can study without the fear of…

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Freshers’ Week T-shirt party: students’ union confiscates t-shirts with inappropriate slogans

The union’s Welcome Week event, #NetworkUEA, more commonly known as the Freshers’ Week T-shirt party, has been a source of controversy after allegations that students were forced to change their t-shirts after being deemed by union representatives to be offensive. Students who attended the event reported being “forced” to change attire, with one student –…

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