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Future of the runway: Fenty vs Victoria Secret

The basics are all there – a fashion show with a little bit more: live performances, theatrical looks, a focus on the female body as a part of the spectacle and charismatic models who make the show that little bit more special. Seeing beautiful people parade around in something as intimate as underwear for all…



For those of you who haven’t watched it (oh, how I envy you) Nymphomaniac is a two-part film in which a girl tells a celibate man about her self-diagnosed nymphomania and the problems it has caused her since childhood. The film itself is really quite beautiful, even in its brutality. In the most violent, heart-wrenching…

Sex Survey 2019

Dick pics on the rise

Something that has been prevalent in the modern age of dating: receiving ‘dick pics’. A baffling phenomenon that often occurs in the midst of a conversation, when a (usually) male counterpart sends a photo of his genitalia without the consent of the person on the receiving end. A recent YouGov study states that one in…


Seductive Make-Up

Make-up can be a great tool for giving us the confidence boost we sometimes need to feel our sexiest. What isn’t so hot is having faded lipstick smeared around your face, a smudged smoky eye or clumpy mascara. Although there are some simple tips and tricks to help you pull off the sexiest of makeup…


Top 5 Sexiest Red Carpet Looks

Back in June, Rihanna turned up at the CFDA Fashion Awards in that sheer dress. Sheer panels have been a big trend this year; however Rihanna took this trend to the next level by wearing a floor-length dress which was completely see-through! She was there to collect her award for ‘Fashion Icon of the Year’…

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