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2017 in television

Post-Brexit and post-Trump, more than ever we needed a good year of TV to escape into and, looking back, 2017 was a rather brilliant year for the small screen. Sherlock kicked off 2017 on New Year’s Day with a shocking finale in the first episode, Toby Jones’ delightful villain and the revelation of a third…


Sherlock: A critical view on series four

Sherlock has dealt with some turbulence in recent years on its upward surge to international juggernaut. Series three had the problem of trying to top the sterling series two, bring back Sherlock from beyond the grave, breathe life into the usually bland Mary Watson and fill the Moriarty-shaped hole in the show. The product ended…


Sherlock: The prodigal show returns

Now I love Sherlock just as much as the next person, and I would consider myself a Sherlockian without any shame, but after that abominable Christmas special last year there is no doubt that the Sherlock team needed to make season four start on a stronger note. It certainly managed to do that. Whilst we…


Venue’s festive TV highlights

Sherlock  After a less than satisfying Christmas special which saw Sherlock return to his Victorian roots (the big ‘twist’ being that it was a mind palace all along), the super sleuth returns to the silver screen on New Year’s Day. While the Christmas special kept annoyingly schtum on whether Moriarty survived, surely the big reveal…

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Conan Doyle meets Inception

Sherlock fans from around the world waited in anticipation for the special New Year’s Day episode ‘The Abominable Bride’. Sherlock’s first new adventure since 2014’s series three finale ‘His Last Vow.’ We were teased for months with images of meerschaum pipes, Inverness capes, and of course the iconic deerstalker, but much of the storyline was…

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‘Tis the Season to Watch Telly

Now that the famous Cola Cola Christmas advert is back on our screens, we can safely say that the holidays are coming. For many, snuggling up on the sofa with your family to watch the Christmas TV specials is an exciting and relaxing tradition, just like over-doing it on mince pies and chocolate selection boxes….

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Sherlock’s Sexuality

Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective, is returning to our screens this winter when the long-awaited Sherlock Christmas special finally airs. When it does, questions about the true nature of Holmes and Watson’s relationship will once again be spiralling. Steven Moffat has famously gone on record stating that he doesn’t read Holmes as either gay or…

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A Series of Unfortunate Adaptations

Think of some of your favourite TV shows, both home-grown and from across the pond. No matter what genre you enjoy, using my incredible powers of deduction (watch and learn, Sherlock), I can easily gather that at least one or two of them are based on books. Maybe even TV shows you had no idea…

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